Drinking Coffee Before Workout Benefits And Side Effects

Drinking coffee before a workout. Coffee is considered to improve sports training performance. The caffeine content in it can help humans work harder and longer. No wonder that caffeine is also contained in sports supplements. Findings uncovered by the nutritionist’s 2019 publication in nutrients. It has been found that drinking coffee before work or exercise … Read more

Alcohol Addiction Quotes Sayings | Alcohol Addiction Definition | Treatment

Alcohol addiction quotes from several figures Frank Sinatra Singer, actor, and producer from the united states 1915-1998 Alcohol is perhaps humanity’s worst enemy. But the bible says, love your enemies. George Bernard Shaw Irish and British writer, critic, and Nobel laureate for literature (1925) 1856-1950 Alcohol is the drug we use to live life. Peter … Read more

Diabetes Mellitus Is Known From The Results Of Blood Sugar Tests

Diabetes mellitus (dm) is a disease that often occurs. This disease is often referred to as blood sugar disease because it is characterized by an increase in blood sugar (glucose) levels above normal. People with diabetes mellitus need to control blood sugar levels in their bodies immediately to avoid any complications. But unfortunately, the symptoms … Read more

Urinate a lot indication of unhealthy body? | urinate a lot during period

Urinate a lot of indications of an unhealthy body?. Under normal conditions, a person will urinate 4 to 8 times a day, or the equivalent of 1 to 1.8 liters per day. If someone urinates a lot this can indicate you are drinking too often. However, if you also have to wake up during sleep … Read more

Urine Glucose Maintaining To A Normal Glucose Level Chart

Maintaining a urine glucose levels chart to stay within normal limits is important. Especially for those of you who want to avoid diabetes or diabetes mellitus. For those of you who have diabetes, understanding information about normal blood sugar is equally important. The reason is, maintaining normal blood sugar levels is the key to diabetes … Read more

Urinating Every Hour At Night And How To Stop This Frequency

  Urinate every hour at night can be caused by drinking too much. Due to certain medical conditions that should not be underestimated. Normally, urinating in a day is 4-8 times or as much as 1-1.8 liters. However, some people can urinate more than this frequency, even needing to get up at night to urinate. … Read more