Bad Dreams During Pregnancy, What Does It Mean?

Not a few women often have bad dreams during pregnancy. Among them, not a few also question the meaning behind these dreams. Is that a bad sign or is it quite the opposite? To find out more, let’s see the full explanation below. Dreams describe the hopes and fears that are stored in our minds. … Read more

Is Aloe Vera Good For Acid Reflux

  Aloe vera is not only good for skin health. The efficacy of aloe vera is also good for acid reflux and is not in doubt. Aloe vera is believed to contain active compounds that can relieve symptoms of acid reflux. On the other hand, there are also risks that lurk if not used properly. … Read more

Symptoms Of Not Eating Enough While Pregnant

Symptoms of not eating enough while pregnant. Fulfill every nutrition mother pregnant, of course, must notice with good. There’s a mother pregnant who can eat well and not have bad morning sickness. However, there is a mother who experienced bad morning sickness so that she could not eat well. Problem lost lust moment pregnancy can … Read more

How To Reduce The Risk Of Miscarriage In Early Pregnancy

The risk of miscarriage in early pregnancy can occur because of the mother’s medical history. For example, if the mother has blood clots because it can block the flow of oxygen in the blood from the mother to the baby. Most mothers feel a little relieved after going through a vulnerable period in the first … Read more

Can Too Much Salt Cause Miscarriage

Can too much salt cause miscarriage. It’s best to be aware of its bad effects on pregnancy. Pregnant women are advised not to consume too much salt because this can affect the condition of the fetus and the health of the mother. WHO recommends the maximum total daily salt consumption for pregnant women be 5 … Read more

How To Give Hep B Vaccine To Newborn

How to give the hep b vaccine to a newborn. If the baby is already infected, steps that the doctor can take to keep the baby healthy is to give the hepatitis B vaccine and the HBIG shot at birth. One of the transmissions of hepatitis B can occur through childbirth. This condition is found … Read more

Is Sweet Potato Good For Gastritis

Is sweet potato good for gastritis? Just like an ulcer, people with stomach acid should not eat food carelessly. People with stomach acid should pay attention to what foods can be consumed. Patients with chronic gastritis are not recommended to eat sweet potato. Because these foods have the potential to cause pain in the stomach. … Read more

When Does Hair Stop Falling Out After Pregnancy

One of the questions about hair health problems is when does hair stop falling out after pregnancy. There are many things that can cause hair loss such as emotional stress and physical stress that the body receives from exposure to free radicals from environmental pollution. Hair will also fall out when you are sick, such … Read more

Psychology Of Dreams And Nightmares

The Psychology of dreams and nightmares. Have you ever had a bad dream? Dream of falling into an abyss, a family member dying, or being chased by something scary? Nightmares usually occur at night when you have slept for a long time. People who have just had a bad dream will usually wake up feeling … Read more

Mentally Preparing For Labor

Mentally preparing for labor. The period leading up to childbirth is one of the most stressful times in life, Moms. Especially if you are pregnant with your first child. Mixed feelings surround thoughts and feelings. In addition, there are also many preparations that must be done, starting from financial, physical, and mental health. Although indirectly … Read more