Diet For Inflamed Intestines – Read The Following Article

Diet for inflamed intestines. The intestines are organs that work hard to digest food, produce vitamins that keep our blood functioning properly, and help support a healthy immune system. Having a healthy gut can also be beneficial for managing mental health and controlling our appetite. Well, to support the gut microbiome to stay balanced, we … Read more

Postpartum Diet For Breastfeeding Moms

Postpartum diet for breastfeeding moms. During pregnancy, many women experience an increase in appetite. This happens because of the impulse caused by the baby. It can also lead to drastic weight gain shortly after giving birth. Not a few women feel worried and stressed because of a drastic increase in body weight. In addition, the … Read more

What Does Drinking A Lot Of Water Do For Your Period

What does drinking a lot of water do for your period. In addition to meeting your fluid needs, drinking lots of water can also reduce the pain in your stomach. In addition, water also keeps your body from bloating which can make your stomach hurt during menstruation. Abdominal pain or cramping during menstruation occurs due … Read more

How To Reduce Carbs In Rice

How to reduce carbs in rice. White rice is recognized as a food that has high sugar content. So it can cause a lot of problems for the body if consumed in excess. One of them is diabetes and obesity. Many dieters have avoided eating white rice and replaced it with brown rice which is … Read more

Is It Good To Drink Cold Water During Menstruation

Drinking ice during menstruation is often avoided because it is considered dangerous. Reportedly, drinking cold water can cause menstrual blood to clot so that menstruation becomes not smooth. is it good to drink cold water during menstruation or is it just a myth about menstruation? Let’s find the answer here! Drinking ice during menstruation is … Read more

Causes Of Irregular Menstruation And Solution

Causes of irregular menstruation and solution. A menstrual cycle is usually 28 days long, although some women have quicker or longer periods. It may be argued that your menstrual cycle is regular every 24 to 38 days. However, if you have a menstrual cycle, it’s claimed that it’s irregular. No need to panic first, so … Read more

Elderly Meal Plan Samples – Important To Know

Intake of healthy nutrition is basically needed by everyone. However, elderly people may need to pay more attention to elderly meal plan samples. This is because the elderly are a group that is quite susceptible to decreased appetite so that it can have an impact on nutritional deficiencies. If that’s the case, the health condition … Read more

Avoidant Personality Disorder In Relationships

Avoidant personality disorder in relationships. Everyone must have gone through a phase where they have a shy or awkward nature when related to other people. However, some people experience personality disorders that cause them to intentionally avoid interactions with other people, known as an avoidant personality disorder. This is based on shame and being too … Read more

How To Turn Nervousness Into Positive Energy

Every day you are faced with various things that cause anxiety. For example, facing the boss, following a job interview, or competing. In order to go through it smoothly, you have to get rid of that anxiety. How to? Check out these tips for eliminating and turning nervousness into positive energy. Tips for turning nervousness … Read more

Low Amniotic Fluid At 32 Weeks

Low amniotic fluid at 32 weeks is a risk factor for fetal distress that needs to be watched out for. Amniotic fluid is an important fluid that has many important roles to support the life of the fetus in the womb. One of the functions of the liquid is to protect the baby’s umbilical cord. … Read more