Why Separated Couples Don’t Divorce

Many separated couples do not want to divorce because they are reluctant to leave their comfort zone, but the following 5 things are usually the reasons someone is reluctant to divorce. Not all marriages are always harmonious and happy, there are times when some couples have ups and downs that make them decide to divorce. … Read more

Feeling Depressed After Marriage

Feeling Depressed after marriage? Do this to change it! Have you ever worried about feeling unhappy after marriage? Or is it currently experiencing it? A mother shares thoughts about her unhappy married life anonymously. She feels uncomfortable with marriage because the husband’s attitude is judged to be different after they get married. I felt happier … Read more

When The Sex Stops In Your Relationship

When the sex stops in your relationship. Maybe in the early years of marriage, sex became a routine between you and your husband. But over time, a myriad of busyness and stress caused by the burden of the mind, sexless marriage, or marriage without sex can occur in your marriage. Dense activities and energy that … Read more

Explain The Factors To Consider Before Marriage

Explain the factors to consider before marriage. “If you want to foster a lasting household, preparations before marriage must be considered. Love capital is not enough! ” During the ten years I have been married, the advice of this old man still remains in my heart. Yes, yes … the capital for marriage is not … Read more

Five Factors That One Should Consider Before Marrying

Five factors that one should consider before marrying. Getting married is not an easy matter. It takes a lot of preparation starting from the preparation of the event, the wedding party, to the preparation for entering married life. It can’t be careless so that the marriage doesn’t fail later. For those of you who are … Read more

Getting Married Prevents A Person From Becoming Senile

Getting married prevents a person from becoming senile. There are many advantages that a person can get by getting married, both financially and socially. And now, new research reveals new facts. Namely, the benefits of getting married to prevent senility in a person. Research has shown that marriage prevents dementia in humans People who have … Read more

Benefits Of Marrying In Your 30s

Times have changed, there are many people who seek the benefits of marrying in your 30s or older for various reasons. Are you one of them? Getting married at a relatively mature age is not a mistake, considering that various things are needed before deciding to advance to marriage. Based on data released by the … Read more

Relationship Problems In First Year Of Marriage

Relationship problems in the first year of marriage. Often the bride and groom are busy preparing for the wedding but forget to prepare mentally to face the trials of early marriage. It is not uncommon for newlyweds to think that their married life will be just as happy as when they were dating. Even though … Read more

Meaning Of Seeing Your Own Marriage In Dream

The meaning of seeing your own marriage in a dream. It has been a long time since humans believed that dreams are just a flower of sleep. However, not a few people also think that dreams are a sign of something that will happen in someone’s life. No exception, for those of you who have … Read more